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Zachary Pardos

UC Berkeley
Assistant Professor
San Francisco Bay Area
Particularly interested in connecting with open edX operators and course teams interested in taking advantage of one of several adaptive course plug-ins such as (1) communicator dashboard for targeting emails to learners based on their engagement statistics (2) next page recommendation supports (3) customized review page supports. Adaptive course plug-ins previewed here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UcmrlsaKRV8BrsTRjkuGaOkKUtIJRZwS
If we miss an opportunity to talk in-person, please reach out to zp@berkeley.edu or send a direct calendar invite for a 30-40m Skype/hangouts meeting via my public Google calendar @ tiny.cc/zpUCB (first week of June is good).

Bio: Dr. Pardos is an Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley in the School of Information and Graduate School of Education. His focal areas of study are knowledge representation and personalized supports leveraging big data in education. He earned his PhD in Computer Science at WPI and comes to UC Berkeley after a post-doc at MIT Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). At UC Berkeley he directs the Computational Approaches to Human Learning (CAHL) research lab and teaches courses on data mining and analytics, digital learning environments, and machine learning in education.