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Hen Eytan

COO & Founder
I am a Founder of Annoto
#Video covers almost 80% of the #edX content footprint and is arguably the most important component in edX.
70% of all learning now is peer-based and growing.
Annoto let you take this passive individual video viewing and to turn it to peer-based learning !
Using #Annoto peers interact with content & each other.
Allowing Feedback, Motivation, Engagement, Learning, Productivity — each to grow and improve.
I will share how turning traditional static individual #video viewing, into an #energized #collaborative and #engaging, facilitate dramatic improvements to content, communications and learning in OpenEdX.
It will be great opportunity to meet - so let me know if you are attending or nearby!✉ ✆
Annoto explainer video - Click and see what we do !
Annoto Demo Click and try it !

Tuesday, May 29

9:00am EDT

10:40am EDT

1:20pm EDT

3:00pm EDT

Wednesday, May 30

8:30am EDT

10:00am EDT

10:30am EDT

11:00am EDT

12:00pm EDT

1:25pm EDT

2:10pm EDT

2:45pm EDT

3:15pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

5:00pm EDT

Thursday, May 31

9:00am EDT

10:00am EDT

10:45am EDT

11:30am EDT

12:15pm EDT

1:25pm EDT

2:20pm EDT

2:55pm EDT

3:40pm EDT

4:25pm EDT